Meet the Team

Nora Breitschmid

Nora works on the Sitenrain since 2006. Besides work, she finished her studies in 2015 and then started an apprenticeship as wine-grower which she finished in 2018. Now she applies all her knowledge to the Sitenrain. She likes to work in the vines and cares about our vegetable garden.

Benno Schwager

Since 2006 Benno is responsible for our vines. He grew up in a farmer’s family in eastern Switzerland and worked as a landscaper before joining the Sitenrain. When already working on the Sitenrain, he went to the centre for viticulture in Wädenswil to learn all about wine-growing. By now, he is a flying wine-grower, looking after the vines on the Sitenrain while also working in our partner winery in Sicily: Cantina Palmeri.

Denis Koch

Denis is the top-motivated apprentice, from the Seetalerischen Müswangen, who completed a second apprenticeship as a winemaker. He works half each on the Sitenrain in Meggen and Weinbau Ottiger in Horw. Always in a good mood and happy he works actively.

Adrian Schnyder

The likeable farmer of the Spissenhof, on which Sitenrain owns a hectare of vines, has been working for the Sitenrain since December 2018. His many years of experience enrich the Sitenrain team.