Luzern AOC

Solaris Edelbrand

Mastered by the brilliant distiller Kari Sigrist from Meggen. This grappa contains the essence of the fruit aroma of the Solaris grape. A true disovery for every grappa lover.

Solaris Trester
stainless steel, in bottles

Clear. Perfumed, with the typical Solaris aromas of peaches, elderflower and green apple. Smooth and long-lasting in the mouth.

refines withe aging
16 °C
after dinner
10 - 12 °C
«Bio-Suisse» organic certification

About Solaris

Solaris was bred at the Institute for Viticulture in Freiburg in 1975 by crossing Merzling x GM 6493.

We like Solaris because it is resistant to a variety of diseases. It is a lot of work in the vineyard, though, because its shoots don’t stand up themselves and need to be placed in the trellis system by hand. It rewards this effort with its high natural sugar content producing full bodied, aromatic wines.

Solaris is still a rarity in Switzerland as only 25 hectares are cultivated. It can be found more to the north, mainly in Germany. The variety is very resistant to cold and id grown in Denmark, Sweden and even in Norway.