Luzern AOC

Marechal Foch / Cabernet Cortis

Spicy notes of mocha and vanilla as well as the velvety tannins testify to the ageing in French barriques.

Maréchal Foch and Cabernet Cortis
12 months in French oak barriques

Bright ruby red colour. Complex aromas of cassis, black elderberry and rose with spicy notes of mocha and vanilla. Velvety tannins and the notes of the barrel aging give this wine great harmony and length.

after 3 - 4 years: refined and elegant
16 - 18 °C
Meat, Pasta, Game, Poultry and Risotto
16 - 18 °C
«Bio-Suisse» organic certification

About Souvignier Gris

Souvignier Gris is a recent crossing of Cabernet Sauvignon x Bronner, that was bred in 1983 at he Institute for Viticulture in Freiburg.
Its foliage grows loosely and permit wind to go through. Combined with the thick skins of the berries it makes the variety resistant against oidium and botrytis. This helps us a lot, because the wet climate in Lucerne promotes these diseases.