Grape Varieties

On the Sitenrain we only grow “PiWi”-varieties. These disease-resistant crossings have a high resistance to fungus and therefore can be grown without chemical treatments.

That’s the reason why they work very well for organic viticulture.

Marechal Foch

Maréchal Foch is the oldest crossing we work with, having been bred in 1911 already. The crossing was made in Alsace by using Goldriesling x Vitis ripara-rupestris, a wild, American variety.

It is high resistance against both downey and powdery mildew make is interesting for organic viticulture. Its found in many cold climates like the Loire valley, the north of the United States and even Canada – and in our vineyards on the Sitenrain. In Switzerland, 14 hectares are grown in total.

Maréchal Foch is one of the few grape varieties where not only the skin, but also the pulp of the berries is red. Because of this, the wine is very dark, almost black in colour and has fascinating aromas of dark fruit and earthy notes.

Marechal Foch

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