Grape Varieties

On the Sitenrain we only grow “PiWi”-varieties. These disease-resistant crossings have a high resistance to fungus and therefore can be grown without chemical treatments. That’s the reason why they work very well for organic viticulture.

Cabernet Cortis

Solaris was bred at the Institute for Viticulture in Freiburg in 1975 by crossing Merzling x GM 6493.

Its foliage grows loosely and permit wind to go through. Combined with the thick skins of the berries it makes the variety resistant against oidium and botrytis. This helps us a lot, because the wet climate in Lucerne promotes these diseases.

There are only 7.5 hectares of Souvignier Gris in all of Switzerland and the variety is almost unknown. Nevertheless, it meets our taste, producing exciting wines fully of minerality and freshness.