Grape Varieties

On the Sitenrain we only grow “PiWi”-varieties. These disease-resistant crossings have a high resistance to fungus and therefore can be grown without chemical treatments.

That’s the reason why they work very well for organic viticulture.

Cabernet Cortis

Cabernet Cortis

Cabernet Cortis was crossed out of Cabernet Sauvignon and Solaris in 1982, making it the “child” of Solaris.

From the Solaris she has inherited her resistances, which facilitates the biological cultivation. The good frost resistance has also been adopted by Solaris. Cabernet Cortis ripens early so we can harvest ripe grapes before the first rainfall in September.

In terms of taste, she has inherited a lot from Cabernet Sauvignon. We are impressed by the pronounced cassis scent and the spicy notes. The strong and well structured by the tannin wines are suitable for aging in oak barrels.

Cabernet Cortis has yet to be “discovered” because there are only 4 hectares of it in Switzerland. We are convinced that many will come across this great grape variety

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